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About MahadGroupManpower, HR Consultancy and IT Solutions.


MahadGroup is the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, connecting human potential to the power of business. MahadGroup serves both large and small organizations across all industry sectors through our brands and offerings: Manpower, Experis and Talent Solutions.

We have in-depth domain experience across the different industries we operate in. The industry veterans associated with our company will help deliver excellent value to your business and add value to your business top line.

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Our job will take up a significant portion of your day and the only way to be fulfilled is to perform the things you think are good work. The only way to be successful at your work is to enjoy your work.
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Of Manpower Recruitment

Thinks understanding of yourself with the support of a counsellor leads to living a more full life.


Of HR Consultancy

Learned to identify their individual needs which increased their confidence as a couple.


Of IT Solutions

Helps couples gain insight into how their own, forms of thinking impact their relationship.

Munshi Khan , CEO

ABOUT MEMunshi Khan


With more than 22 years of experience in the fields of Manpower Recruitment, Entrepreneurship, Management, Business Planning, Financial Analysis, Software Development, Operations and Decision Analysis, he has the broad and deep experience required to quickly understand the business of entrepreneurs and develop the most suitable solutions. They have a very human-centered approach that goes beyond matching skills and experience to a job specification. Examined in accordance with our company and culture. Before starting my company in early 2010, Munshi Khan set up two internet companies in Doha, Qatar. Previously, he held various Managing Director positions, most recently focused on Recruitment, IT and Engineering, Trading business development. He also worked as a senior management consultant in the financial services industry; IT consultant; recruitment consultant for popular companies in the middle east; and the best coach advisor for job seekers right now.

SERVICESIssues You Might Be Facing

Manpower Recruitment
The global leader in talent resourcing, providing organizations with enhanced agility through a continuum of staffing solutions.
HR Consultancy
The human resource consulting industry developed out of management consulting and deals with decisions and tasks relating to human resources.
IT Solutions
We are privileged to work with hundred future-thinking awesome businesses including many of the world’s top hardware and IT service.
Manpower Supply
Employing a manpower agency for hiring with contracts to supply labour offers many advantages over hiring as a permanent employee or labours.
Digital HR Solutions
Organizations can ensure that they have more accuracy in their results, greater efficiency, and productivity, and thus reducing overall cost.
Trading & Contracting
Trading work with diverse items that are available for business, consumer as well as for government. We work with represent a range of products.