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Benefits for HiringManpower Services Agency

Employing a manpower agency for hiring with contracts to supply labour offers many advantages over hiring as a permanent employee or labours. Nowadays , the industry prefers hiring Labour Contractors for manpower supply services based on their requirements and this can bring many benefits in addition:
Short Hiring Process

It is easier to hire contract workers for manpower services is quick as all the documentation has already examined by the manpower agency and they will only select appropriate labour according to needs of the company.

Instant Availability

Labour Contractor will supply the workforce as quickly as is possible. You do not have to be concerned about the availability of workers. Manpower service providers assume all responsibility for your company’s requirements.

Less Paper Work

The Company is not accountable for the documentation or the paper work required for personnel as all documentation required prior to and after the hiring of labour is done through the Labour contractors.

Highly Skilled Labour

Certain tasks can be completed with untrained labour, and others require skilled labor Therefore, you are able to hire skilled, semi-skilled or un-skilled laborers according to the task according to your requirements.

Reduce Cost

Permanent labour hire costs more when compared with manpower service agencies which requires you to offer all the necessary facilities for permanent workers which will raise the cost per hour, will provide you as per requirement.


You are able to choose the hiring and firing workforce, based on the requirements as well as experience. Labour Contractor will fulfil all your requirements. Mmanagers effectively communicate with member of team

We provide Services for all industrial & office related manpower.

General Helper
Mason (Block, Tile, Plaster, Concrete, & Marble)
Carpenter (Finishing & Shuttering, Gypsum)
Fabricator (Certified)
Flagman / Banks man
Steel Fixer
Pipe Fitter
Welder (Certified)
Duct man
Scaffolder (Certified)
Pipe Fitter
Crane Operator
Rigger (Certified)
Heavy Duty Driver
Store Keeper
Forklift Operator

CriteriaProcess & Selection


We assemble related candidates select the excellent one through interview. We have fully equipped AC rooms and other facilities-Computer, telephone, internet and all that an interviewer might need

Trade Test for Skilled Workers

Then comes trade test. We form a selection committee before making a final decision for appointment, the selection committee includes representatives from different departments in the company and from our NPPS (P) ltd. The selection committee carries out skill test of all skilled manpower in the concerned discipline. Only those person recommended by the selection committee are selected for overseas employment

Medical Check-Up

Candidate have to go through different process after final selection. This is aimed at selection competent, disciplined and healthy manpower desired by an employer.
Medical check-up too is one important process. We recommend all short-listed candidates for medical examinations in the government – approved hospital or labs. Only medically fit candidates are eligible to sign in an agreement or contract paper. We personally ask selected candidates to know whether anyone is suffering from epileptics fit, which can not be tested medically. If one id found suffering from the fit, we don’t quality such person.

Visa Endorsement

The visa endorsement process differ country to country. We dispatch all the documents relating the workers to company to decide its employee first. After the employing company confirms and send the visa confirmation and copy/original visa, only then we apply in the concerned embassy or consular office for visa endorsement. Other Process move ahead after the visa is endorsed by the Embassy.

We provide basic orientation to the selected workers before travelling to their work place. During this orientation the workers are informed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and first hand information on work environment and the salient features of labor laws of the country of employments are provided.
Travel Arrangements

The travel arrangement is the final procedure. After signing the contract with the employee, we make trave; arrangements. This also includes handling over all the documents original passport. Air ticket and government’s approval letter to the employee before departure. We train them on all the travelling procedures until they reach their destinations. One is recommended to collect his visa from the visa counter in the concerned airport and contact information authority for visa endorsement if his visa not endorsed before departure.


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