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A board is the supreme governing authority in an organization that takes strategic corporate decisions by participating in the board meetings.
Board of Directors

A panel of individuals that are elected to represent shareholders

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How do you become a board member?

You could work for an organization, climb up the ranks to become a C-suite executive who is appointed to the Board by shareholders.
To be a non-executive director, one need to first understand how to become director, and getting an official qualification is always beneficial.

Titles & job of board members

  • Chair of the Board
  • Vice-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Chair of the Board

On a board, most prestigious position is given to the chair. They are accountable for the management of groups of people, which is why they should have excellent skills in leadership.
Apart from conducting meeting of the boards and selecting committees they also have other responsibilities in accordance with the bylaws. Chairs work with executive directors and CEOs to determine the corporate culture.


Vice-chairs provide support to the chair, and assists in the discharge of their responsibilities and duties.
As the vice-chair is responsible for the role of chair in absence and absences, they need to have the ability to carry out the role as the chair.
Alongside supervising formal evaluations for the Board of Directors, the members also work closely with the chair and CEO in implementing board policies.Sometimes, they’re called upon to resolve conflicts of interest between board members.


In addition to ensuring compliance with regulations and laws, the board secretary will be responsible for several administrative and communication-related tasks. The main job of a secretary for a board is to document, record and distribute minutes of meetings that are the records of discussions and votes. They’re accountable for keeping the records secure and precise.

Furthermore the board secretary works to ensure that all activities take conform to the bylaws of the company. They also have the duty to inform members about the meetings.


Treasurers must have strong accounting abilities. Each meeting, they create financial reports which contain information regarding the stability and viability of the business.

The reports should be clear and succinct to aid in any decision made by board members. They also receive an initial draft of the annual budget to be approved by the board of directors.

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