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How to Check Your Iqama Status in Saudi Arabia?

If you own an Iqama but are unsure about its validity, Check The Iqama Status. Then this is a simple way to confirm. Go to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior website and then use the Iqama ID to gain access to the online Iqama database. This database includes Iqama application procedures, fees, and other information. The Iqama application process and its cost also let you know if the Iqama is valid or expired.

 You have a valid Iqama ID number; then, you can use the Query Iqama Expiry service to determine your document’s expiry date. You can access this service by logging in to Absher using an Iqama ID, password, and verification number. The site will display the expiration date on your Iqama.

To use the Query Iqama Expiry service, you must know the museum (residency permit) and the expiration date. Your name, profession, or location where you’d like to check the Iqama is also listed. The website lets you enter the date of the gregorian and an address on your page.

Query Iqama Expiry Service provides the simplest method of determining Iqama status in Saudi Arabia. 

The easiest way to verify whether you are in the Iqama situation to check the status of Iqama in Saudi Arabia is to go to the official website of the Ministry of Interior. It is possible to check this information online or via an application. If you don’t have a basic understanding of how to speak the Saudi languages, you may choose English to be able to navigate more easily.

You can also verify the Iqama deadline online without having an account with Absher. Enter the Iqama expiry date and birth date to log into the system. After entering these, you’ll be shown a virtual Iqama with the expiry date.

It is essential to know the Iqama date of expiry is a crucial element of information. A green Iqama means your company can renew it, giving you more options. It also means that your company’s sponsorship could be transferred to another business, making it more straightforward for you to move to a different part of the country.

The cost for an Iqama renewal is based on the country you reside. Large companies typically have to cover the Iqama renewal cost for their employees. This will vary between SAR 650 to SAR 2,097. Furthermore, there is the possibility that you have to pay health insurance premiums.

You can renew your Iqama online and enter the company’s Iqama numbers. If your company falls into the platinum or green categories, it’s easy to restore. Sometimes, the process can be completed in one or two days. Another option is to utilize the Absher portal for business.

Iqama application process

Before applying for an Iqama, ensure you have all the required documents. You’ll need an identity document, a passport visa, and copies of all your required documents. Additionally, you will require fingerprints in the terminal. Saudi Arabian immigration authorities are stringent in their labour policies’ conformity, so the application process is highly complicated. Most companies will turn to a professional employer group for help, who make the application and handle all necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Your Iqama is an official document that permits you to work and legally in Saudi Arabia. It confirms your legal status as well as valid proof of identification. If you want to get an Iqama, you’ll need your sponsor or an employer from your area willing to endorse you.

Once you have a Saudi Arabian sponsor, you can start applying to obtain your Iqama. The Iqama procedure can take anywhere from two and three weeks. The sponsor will complete the application in your name if you are sponsored within the country. Once your application is accepted, you can begin your work experience in Saudi Arabia.

Renewing your Iqama at the right due date is also mandatory. Inability to do this can result in fines. In general, renewal fees for Iqamas is not too expensive for small companies but could cost up to SAR 8,400 if you’re an average-sized business. Be aware that renewal costs aren’t cheap, and you must renew your Iqama as fast as possible.

Iqama condition in Saudi Arabia

 It is the most common way to identify foreigners living within the Kingdom. It contains your name, nationality, date of birth, and employer. Additionally, if you work as a Saudi Arabian worker, you must be able to show an Iqama to be legally residing within the nation. It also comes with a 10-digit ID number. It is essential to have your Iqama in your pocket always.

The Iqama is also required to sponsor relatives. You must submit a complete application to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development within 90 days from the appearance date. If you misplace or lose the passport, go to the police station in your area to notify them of any loss or misplacement of the Iqama. In the absence of doing so, it could result in an amount that is SAR 1,000.

You’ll need an Iqama ID number to live or work in Saudi Arabia. This number is required under laws within the Kingdom. In the Kingdom, the Ministry of Interior is the government agency that issues Iqamas, national residency, and employment licenses. Applying online for an Iqama is possible if you want to work in the Kingdom. For this, you’ll require your Iqama number and date of birth.

The first step in obtaining your Iqama is logging in to Absher. Absher website Login using the username you used and your password, and then enter your personal information. After you’ve logged in, you’ll see an option titled ‘Query Iqama status’ on your dashboard.

Iqama fees

Another method of checking Iqama’s status is using the Absher mobile application. The app is available for download through Google Play Store. Google Play Store and is cost-free. Enter your Iqama number, birth date, and border code to utilize the service. Once you’ve completed this, the app will show its status and expiration date.

You could use the site’s English version if you cannot comprehend Arabic. You’ll have to choose one that you understand. If you’re not proficient in Arabic, Choose your UK English option. Then, input your Iqama account number as well as your password. After you have logged in, you will likely need to input the four-digit verification code. The verification code will be transmitted to your mobile number.

If you live in Saudi Arabia, if your Iqama is expired, then you must renew it as soon as possible. Failure to continue can be punished with fines. The renewal fee is between SAR 1,350 to SAR 8,400 per year. It is crucial to remember that if the Iqama you have expired previously, it is imperative to renew it as soon as possible.

To verify your Iqama situation in Saudi Arabia, visit the Ministry of Labour’s website. Go to the “Labour Office Service inquiry’ and enter your Iqama number and verification code. Once you’ve submitted an Iqama ID and verified code, then you may request sponsorship. The new company must add your name to your Absher account and pay a cost.

Transferring sponsorship

To work legally, it is essential to check the status of your Iqama condition within Saudi Arabia. You must renew the residency papers at the time they reach their expiration date. There are various methods to verify your Iqama condition in Saudi Arabia.

One option is to verify the information online. It is possible to do this by going to the official site of the Ministry of Labour. You can enter your Iqama number or passport number and your full name. You can also determine whether the company is legally registered. It is possible to transfer the sponsorship from a company of the same category, either yellow or red. If your company sponsors this type of sponsorship, you can change the backing of Iqama with the brand new business.

To determine the Iqama status to check the status of your Iqama in Saudi Arabia, you must have your passport and Iqama number. This number is in the front page’s lower right-hand corner below the picture. Once you have the information, you can verify your Iqama status online. If you don’t have a the Absher account, You can also verify the status of your Iqama by visiting the website of the Ministry of Labour.

Check The Iqama Status

The most efficient method to check whether you are in Iqama condition in Saudi Arabia is to visit the Ministry of Labor website. This site will provide the status of your Iqama and its expiration date. Knowing the Iqama expiration date and the best way to extend it is also essential. If your Iqama expires, your company must renew the Iqama. Based on your company’s requirements, the process can last one to three months.

If you plan to work for a Saudi Arabian company, look up your Iqama Huroob online. Huroob refers to the Arabic word that means “escape.” If you’ve got this Iqama on your passport, you cannot be in the country for several years. Do not establish your Iqama status; you could face fines.

If you have an Iqama issued in Saudi Arabia, it is simple for you to get it renewed. The Would be best to inform the employer of your intention to continue for at least three months before your contract expires. It is also recommended to inform the government within at least 90 days before the date that passes on the contract.

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